The HCG Diet Protocol – The Modern OWL vs. Original

As we have discussed over and over, with our exercise methods as well as diet programs, there are many ways to lose weight naturally. Exercise and dieting are definitely two that can be of great benefit to people, but they’re not the only options. New research has been examining the benefits of organic and natural aids which can help people shed pounds and stay in shape.  There are few that fit the bill, as we’ve discussed, but one of the main ones that has been shown to work in research is the HCG diet.  This method uses a natural hormoen produced by women, called HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) in order to produce weight loss.  It does this by increasing metabolism and decreasing the appetite of users naturally.

HCG molecule close up

The HCG Molecule Close-up with Alpha and Beta Chains

There is a long history of use of HCG to help people lose weight. In the 1950s, Dr. Simeons found that users on HCG lost 400% or more total fat than did their non-HCG counterparts going on a reduced calorie diet. He wasn’t sure why this occurred, but it was clear that it worked. After decades of research, it was found that HCG sent biochemical signals to the brain to burn calories and increase metabolism. The hypothalamus gland is actually responsible for this metabolism boos, and users quickly see results with drops in appetite.  Dr. Simeons originally recommended a 500 calorie a day diet, which is sufficient given the hunger reducing effects of the hormone.  The beta-chain of the molecule itself is actually what attaches to the brain’s neurotransmitters and allows for this to occur.  Weight loss seen is both rapid and sustained.

In the modern program, many people stopped doing 500 calories per day as the results would sometimes halt for short periods as the body adjusted.  This was bad and discouraging for users, so what was recommended was a modern method that allowed for up to 700 calories per day.  The introduction of real and pure HCG diet drops as well has led many to this protocol in order to become successful in their weight loss goals.  However, the modern approach is a lot easier to stick to, and most people do not experience any difficulties in keeping a steady weight loss throughout phase two of the program.

How the OWL HCG Diet Differs

The OWL diet protocol is significantly different from Dr. Simeons original method for HCG use.  It involves taking in 700 calories per day rather than the more traditional 500 with limited food selections allowed.  However, this is not the only change.  There are numerous foods which are not permitted on the original protocol but which are allowed on the modern approach.  For example, Dr. Simeons limited vegetable choices to a dozen or so vegetables, and users were only to eat one serving with each meal (no mixing of vegetables).  On the modern OWL approach, dieters can mix vegetables as well as eat almost all vegetables.  The limitation is only that the vegetables should be low in carbohydrates (so no rice, potatoes, corn, etc.).  Additionally fruits on the original protocol were limited to a smattering of possible choices, mostly things like grapefruits or apples.  However, this is not the case either on the modern method.  Most fruits are allowed as long as they have low carbs just like with vegetables.  Fruits like berries, mangos and other sugar rich fruits are not permitted, but the rest are allowed to be eaten in phase 2.