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The HCG Drops Diet Program – Substituting Oral HCG for Injections

Many people have probably heard about the HCG diet at one time or another.  It’s no real secret just how successful someone can be when using this method to lose weight, but how it works, and why it works is still a mystery to many.  Beyond that, people often question if the method will work for them the same way it has in studies for others, or if they won’t be able to have the same level of success.  HCG, which stands for human chorionic gondatropin, is a natural hormone women produce during their monthly cycles or pregnancy.  HCG has been able to help people lose around 1 pound to 2 pounds per day throughout all of the second phase of the protocol, as many studies have shown over the years.  Many people are able to lose 30 pounds of fat within a single month using this treatment.

During the 1950s, Dr. Simeons famously discovered that this hormone can produce rapid weight loss in patients.  It does so through interactions with the brain’s hypothalamus gland, a unique area responsible for metabolism and appetite.  By burning fat favorably through the layers closest to the person’s skin, it tightens and tones the body more than exercising alone.  It also boosts weight loss much higher than is typically experienced through traditional weight loss methods such as diet and exercise. HCG has a unique benefit of just boosting weight loss dramatically in people who typically struggle with doing so, and even helps them keep it off in the long term the way the maintenance phaseh as been designed.

HCG Drops – A Great Alternative to Surgeries or Daily Injections

HCG Bottle For DropsIf you have been thinking about doing some invasive and difficult surgery to help you lose weight, you may not know that htese methods carry the risk of not even achieving results either.  The unfortunate reality is that few, if any, people will be able to shed pounds and keep them off permanently.  There are so many obstacles to lose weight and keep healthy over long periods of time.  You need to fundamentally shift your attitude and your mind in order to achieve results.

Historically HCG has been offered as injections, these were taken every day by users.  However, new real oral droplet sources, such as the excellent product from hcg plus drops, have hit the market in recent years.  These products have proven to be particularly successful in helping people to lose weight.  Rather than these injections, people simply place these drops under their tongues 3 to 4 times per day and the HCG is absorbed that way.  Studies on these effects show that oral HCG is just as effective as injections for weight loss, but they are a lot cheaper and more readily available.

Not all HCG diet drops are created equal, however.  Many sources of these products are actually marketing and selling fake homeopathic or hormone-free versions which don’t even contain the actual hormone at all.  They often don’t tell people this up front, and many are taken in by this as a result.  Real HCG can always be distinguished from fakes simply by how it lists the dosage of the hormone it provides.  For example, the real thing will list it in either IUs or milligrams as these are the only valid methods for measuring it for use.  These products often use made up values “2x, 4x, 8x” or something along those lines rather than an objective measurement.  They should always be alcohol-free and should always require refrigeration as well.  These are sure signs of a fake if any of these things are not true.