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Green Coffee Extract – A Natural Weight Loss Supplement

Many people drink coffee, and many people probably have heard about many of the benefits it can offer. Drinking coffee regularly can help decrease your risk of developing diabetes, and in a recent Harvard study, help lower your risk of Parkinson’s and colon cancers. The reasons for this are due to many unique things that are only found in coffee, such as antioxidants, vitamins and minerals which can greatly assist in any person’s efforts to lose weight. Beyond that, they also are essential to prevent the development of free radicals in your body which have been known to induce cancer.

Green Coffee Freshly BrewedA lot of the things in coffee are really great, however, the roasting process tends to destroy many of the best things it contains. For example, antioxidants found in green coffee’s natural state has been shown to have much the same effects on aging that red wine does. Yet, in most cases all of these benefits are lost when it’s roasted. Of course, it’s not reasonable for people to eat green coffee, which is unpalatable and bitter. Rather, scientists and researchers have developed a new method of purifying and extracting the essence of green coffee and using it as a supplement. This is now one of the top selling weight loss aids in the world, as studies have verified its success in weight loss and also its health benefits.

Green Coffee – Benefits to Your Body and Mind

Studies have been conducted now for around the last five years which have looked at the impact of green coffee extract on weight loss and the body of users. They found that comparatively, the use of green coffee had significantly better effects than just dieting alone. A recent study conducted by Birmingham University was testing the use of green coffee extract before meals each day. What they found was that people who did this lost 20 pounds per month, without needing to change anything else about their diet. These effects were also in conjunction to significant health benefits as well, such as lowered risk of diabetes in the green coffee group.

The mechanism through which green coffee works to product weight loss, and also these health benefits, varies by what you’re discussing. For example, the antioxidant known as polyphenols are free radical absorbers, helping your body dispose of harmful cancer inducing molecules. Whereas, several other things interact with your body to help it burn more calories and decrease your appetite. Yes, it’s true that green coffee contains caffeine. This is an energy booster and also reduces appetite. However, another antioxidant unique to only coffee actually interacts with your brain and boosts metabolism directly. This antioxidant is destroyed during the roasting process, but is preserved for use in green coffee extracts. As a result of these many benefits, green coffee extract has gained a lot of popularity among those wishing to stay healthy and lose weight.

There’s no one solution to weight loss that offers all the answers. Yet, many people expect to find such a thing. There are certainly proven aids, such as HCG or green coffee, which can boost the amount a person can lose significantly. However, cutting down on portions of food, cutting out unnecessary and empty calories (from soda, for example) is more important than any of these things. Yet, far too often, people simply ignore it. Green coffee extract can help you a whole lot, but only if you help yourself first.