Importance of Exercise for Fitness Success – Methodology

Losing weight is difficult, it takes a lot of effort, time and struggle to achieve results. However, there are some methods that make it easier and even more enjoyable that traditional weight loss techniques such as going on diets. Firstly, weight loss through exercise has a much higher chance of long term success. Recent studies have clearly shown that exercise generates rapid weight loss, high levels of energy, and longer weight reduction after reaching a person’s ideal goals. Typically with dieting users will have gained back all of the weight they lost within 8 months of completing the diet, however, with exercise this is usually several years later. Secondly, exercise programs do not often rely on people reducing their caloric intake to unnatural levels, making it much easier to achieve results so long as people stay motivated with their work outs.

importance of exercise Where do people go to find good weight loss and exercise methods? It’s difficult to find perfect sources, but an excellent resource is from sources like fitness member which has a lot of information on weight loss techniques.  There are a lot of methods that people employ, but one of the best is getting a gym membership and weight training.  Cardiovascular exercises, such as running or elliptical training can also be done with this resource.


Three Popular Exercises To Burn Fat

Besides the typical running on an elliptical machine for 30 minutes, there are specific exercises that help cut fat to certain areas of the body.

  1. Belly Fat - Beginning with an oldie, but a goodie is the abdominal crunch.  This method requires no special equipment to achieve results.   This is one of the best ways to cut belly fat or fat stored on the midriff of the person.  Begin by laying back down flat on the floor, while bending the keens up and keeping the bottoms of your feet flat on the ground.  You then crunch your abs together, lifting your head towards your knees.  It’s important to not do this motion from your neck, but instead make your core crunch and pull your head and shoulders up on its own.
  2. Hip Fat - To remove pesky hip fat, there are really only a handful of exercises.  Certainly one of the most effective is running or cardio exercise, like training on rowing machines, biking and ellipticals.  However, there are also some direct ways to boost fat burning to this area through specific weight exercises.  Crunch twists are one of the most effective.  Crunch twists involve much of the same form as in normal crunchs, however, when coming up with your core you lean to one side and attempt to touch your elbow to the opposite knee.  For example, you would twist forward and touch your right elbow to your left knee, generating the power from your core and not your arms/neck or shoulders.
  3. Thigh Fat - Just like with the hip exercises, cardio is one of the better ways to get rid of stored thigh fat.  However, there are also some specific toning exercises that can be done.  Stationary lunges is one of the most effective.  These require individuals to stand up straight and then bend your knees, step and lean forward onto that leg.  The other leg has no weight on it, only the forward leg.  Lean forward over top the extended leg.  Hold this position for at least 8 seconds and then switch legs.  Doing at least 3 sets of this (a set being one rotation) can significantly help tone thigh muscles.